Wednesday 3 May 2023

Learn BJJ in Melbourne


Want to become fit and learn a new sport while also learning self-defense?

The ACSA Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program is the top choice for martial arts training in Melbourne. Check out our Exclusive Online Offer today or request more information!

Australian Combat Sports Academy is Melbourne’s #1 destination for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We follow a structured approach to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training and pride ourselves on coaching excellence while providing a safe and welcoming environment for all levels and abilities.

Our BJJ Program offers a great culture and learning environment for all levels of students. On an average night on our mats, you will find Black Belt champions training alongside recreational grapplers and high-level MMA fighters rolling with beginners just starting out on their Martial Arts journey!

What Makes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Different To Other Styles Of Martial Arts?
Whereas many other martial arts mainly focus on kicking or punching, BJJ is primarily focused on ground fighting & the concept that a smaller person can successfully defend themselves against a bigger opponent by using leverage and weight distribution, taking the fight to the ground and using holds and submissions to defeat them.

What To Expect In Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes?


A Safe, Fun, and Encouraging training environment.

We follow a training curriculum that maximizes your learning and development while allowing you to learn in a fun, safe, and cooperative environment.

Learn the correct movements, exercises, and techniques and how to use them safely.
A supportive team of fellow students who will help you make progress on your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Journey.
A well-structured program with exact Grading Requirements to build a great foundation for your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey

Why Train Brazilian Jiu Jiu Jitsu At Australian Combat Sports Academy?

BJJ is one of the most effective Martial Arts Styles in the world as proven in the UFC and other Mixed Martial Arts events.Our Classes are professionally planned, structured and supervised.Get fit, lose weight and increase strength while learning Real Martial Arts.Develop more mental focus and increased energy levels while releasing stress and making new friends.

Learn Effective self-defence skills that will give you the confidence to protect yourself and your family.

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