Sunday 30 November 2014

MMA Title Fight

On Saturday 22nd November Jordan Lucas made history for Team Nemesis by becoming its first (hopefully of many) Australian champions. Jordan fought a perfect fight against an experienced opponent winning by submission in the first round. This win was the result of four years of hard work and established Jordan as Australia’s top bantam weight fighter.

Jordan began training at Team Nemesis four years ago at the age of 16 with no prior martial arts experience. Right from the beginning we recognized that he had a great work ethic, never made excuses, never tried to take short cuts and had a real desire to be the best at what he does. Jordan trained consistently from day one and always followed the advice and instructions of his coaches. Phillip Lai and myself have always been confident in our system of training fighters and Jordan followed our system perfectly from the start. He has been learning and developing his skills in the individual martial arts that we teach at the gym (BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing and Wrestling) and combining them in our fight specific MMA sessions. Jordan also followed our tried and tested fight specific conditioning routine to ensure that he was always in great shape and injury free for every fight.

Another key aspect of our training system is to ensure that fighters progress at a steady rate and don’t rush into risky fights before they are ready. Jordan patiently worked his way up from Interclub sparring competitions to local level fights and before long he was fighting against the best fighters in Australia. Throughout all his fights he was improving his skills & evolving & improving as a fighter & martial artist.

All the hard work and effort paid off when Jordan won the Brace Bantamweight title. The win and his performance in the fight showed what can be accomplished with hard work, dedication and a proper tried and tested system of training and preparation. This is just the beginning for Jordan who has a big future in the world of international MMA.

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